Monday, September 15

Inaudible communication

"Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted." ~ Jules Renard, Journal, 1895

Wednesday, February 27

Shameless cross-promotion :)

To post or not to post? If I continue posting here I may discredit the whole concept of an anti-blog. Then again, if I just post crosslinks to a couple of blogs, would that be diservice to the concept? On the other hand, if I don't post something here, noo one will read it - thereby making the antiblog protest of blogging completely unread, unheard - but if anyone should happen upon this spot, and read any of it, wouldn't that change it's very nature from an anti blog to a (ahem) blog? I give up - I just do not know.
If you would rather read something more worthwhile than this, try Beit Shalom of Austin's web site:

Or perhaps something of a more personal nature? Delve into Raine's thought process at (yes, I know, I appear to be linking to and thereby promoting blogs on an antiblog blog. Go figure!)

Last and possibly least there is a little less antagonistic side of me at

Shalom, both antibloggers and bloggers, after all kulanu am echad in Messiah.

Thursday, December 6

Everybody's blogging. You have to have a blog these days. Without one you will have difficulty communicating with the rest of the world. You may not even be considered employable without the capability for potential employers to study your blogging skills, while also searching for personality type, hidden character traits and a whole list of other things that can maybe be ascertained by viewing your blog.
In days gone by all you needed were a good handshake, the ablity to look anyone in the eye, along with a good reputation and character. Should still be enough - that would eliminate a high percentage of today's applicants!
The day someone decided that your education level was indicative of your worth as a human, things began to slip downhill. Think about it - how many of today's headliners are well educated? Most. From political treachery to international policy breakers, global terrorists to world-class criminals, most of them are well educated. The majority of them are schooled in social graces as well as sociological manipulation. This doesn't mean that education is a bad thing, nor is social ability; just our priorities have shifted (or been misdirected).
One of the most principled men I ever knew barely knew how to read and never learned how to write, but he never lied to anyone and was one of the best mechanics you could hope to find.
Judging people by the number of grades completed only proves you can count on your fingers and toes, and not too much more. Judging someone for their technical skill is great if you need a technician, but a very poor way to decide if they're trustworthy.
Yet we place teachers in charge of the majority of our childrens' development based on the accumulation of education and teaching certificates. We elect county sheriffs based on their criminal law degrees - and experience they gained from those certifications. Lawyers interpret our constitution because they graduated law school and passed an exam by the Bar (a group of lawyers), then move on to become our judges, and, eventually, get elected to write or pass new laws.
Our media was once the moral and ethical voice, the barking watchdog over the hyper-educated overpriviledged "ruling class". Now days, our media is whichever group outbids and out-lobbies the other groups for control of the airwaves, presses and websites.
In the middle of it all stands the blogger, today's shirtsleeve reporter, supposedly the honest voice of the common man rising up in the middle of global communications, telling us the truth of it all, defending the underdog and saving the orphans, assisting the widows and speaking out for the voiceless. Trouble is, everybody has a blog - everybody is the voice of the people, blogging out Truth, Justice and the American Way - so who in the world is listening?